Mas datos de la 1.2

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Mas datos de la 1.2

Mensajepor ChopSuey » 14 Mar 2012, 11:03

Post original

NDA has been lifted in regards to the Guild Summit Day 2. During that time, those invited got some hands-on playtime with the 1.2 beta. Massively joystiq and DarthHater have done a comprehensive job of detailing the changes.

I have summarized what I personally thought were the most interesting changes. I strongly encourage everyone to read the interview with Goerg Zoeller since I was not able to cover all of the information he discusses in it. I also did not cover the new Flashpoint nor the new Operation in detail to not give away spoilers. You guys should read the Darth Hater articles if you want more details.

(And yes, more details about the BH "nerf" at the end of this post).

Links: ... pdate-1-2/ ... highlights ... mpressions ... rg-zoeller

Note: All of the values will likely be retooled or changed before the 1.2 patch roll out. Everything here should be treated as such until the final values are updated. Values with * may be incorrect. All species unlocks can be unlocked by getting to 50 with a character of that species.
Chiss – Unlockable for 1.5 million credits, legacy level 8
Cyborg – Unlockable for 500,000* credits, legacy level 8
Human – Unlockable for 500,000* credits, legacy level 8
Miraluka – Unlockable for 1.5 million credits, legacy level 8
Mirialan – Unlockable for 1.5 million credits , legacy level 8
Rattataki – Unlockable for 1.5 million credits , legacy level 8
Sith Pureblood – Unlockable for 1.5 million credits , legacy level 8
Twilek – Unlockable for 1.5 million credits , legacy level 8
Zabrak – Unlockable for 500,000* credits , legacy level 8
Legacy of Sacrifice – Grants the use of the sacrifice ability to all characters. Injures your companion to instantly heal yourself. Requires level 50, Dark V, 250,000 credits, legacy level 10
Legacy of Unity – Grants the use of the unity ability to all characters. Unity reduces damage to you and your companion for a short duration. Requires level 50, Light V, 250,000 credits, legacy level 10
Legacy of Equilibrium – Grants the use of the equilibrium ability to all characters. Equilibrium increases damage and healing by you and your companion for a short duration. Requires level 50, neutral, 250,000 credits, legacy level 10
Ship Unlocks:
Mailbox – Unlockable for 250,000 credits, legacy level 10
Repair Droid – Unlockable for 1 million credits, legacy level 8
Operation Training Dummy – Unlockable for 250,000 credits, legacy level 10
Warzone Training Dummy – Unlockable for 250,000 credits, legacy level 10, valor rank required
Black Market Trade Terminal – Unlockable for 5 million credits, legacy level 35
Legacy of Combat: Punch – Unlocks the unarmed combat function. Unlockable for 10,000 credits, legacy level 5, Valor rank level 5
Legacy of Combat: Jab – Unlockable for 15,000 credits, legacy level 8, valor rank 10
Legacy of Combat: Uppercut – Unlockable for 20,000 credits, legacy level 10,valor rank 15
Legacy of Combat: Bash – Unlockable for 25,000 credits, legacy level 15,valor rank 25
Legacy Fleet Pass – Cuts down the time of the use of Fleet Pass by increments of one hour for each of the levels. There are three levels to it and are unlockable for increments of 50,000 credits, 5 legacy levels (5, 10, 15)
Legacy Quick Travel – Same as the above except that it is cut down by one minute each level instead.
Rocket Boost – Short duration speed increase. Unlockable for 5 million credits, legacy level 20
Achievement Mission Terminals :
Several Achievement Mission Terminals are located in fleets of the two factions that now unlock achievement rewards for doing certain flashpoints, operations, etc.
These feats require boss kills and more to unlock special speeder skins/colors.
Novare Coast
Novare Coast is a majority control Warzone that pits two sides against each other
In order to win, a team will have to control two of the three turret control panels to damage the shielding opposing side’s base
If interrupted, players can also continue the progress where they left off if they are able to get back to the panel before the other side proceeds to capture it in the other direction
The capture mechanic works almost like a tug of war centered on the points.
Interview with Georg Zoeller:
We’re not completely happy with the speed of some of the Operation’s fixes.
We know there are a lot of pain points, especially in Eternity Vault with Soa.
We now have a very senior team now dedicated specifically to going through all the Operations to make sure that every single report is verified and fixed
there is a dedicated team now dealing with these things and that should hopefully bring the response times more into a realm that we are happy with.
There is a lot more interaction between the core combat, the balance team, and the Operations design team at this point.
There are some pain points with area healing in Operations that we are addressing on the class side
Class Balance / Buffs / Nerfs:
Bounty Hunter Mercenary healers or Scoundrel healers: we bolstered their area healing capability with some nice quality of life changes to make their healing output more predictable and overall comfortable to play
We did some improvement on the Sage and the Sorcerer as well, but we also identified some bugs/exploits that we fixed that caused the class to over-perform.
Nerfs: it’s obviously controversial if we decide we have to nerf something. I don’t expect people to throw us a parade. Ultimately, people are going to be very unhappy.
There is the small-minded approach of “so many people play Sorcerer, BioWare is never going to touch them.” No, that is not how it works.
So we did some changes there to rebalance that particular tree to move a bit out of the Tracer Missile, and require you to be more active in your combat style to achieve that kind of effect. You can call that a nerf. I call that housekeeping.

In response to the price tag attached to the various Legacy unlocks, Georg Zoeller took the time to respond to our concerns (you can find his post in this very same thread):

Originally Posted by GeorgZoeller


And let me make this clear, since there's some confusion about it:

The system allows you to unlock things EITHER via achieving the unlock condition (e.g. reaching chapter 2 in a specific class, reaching a specific PvP rank, etc) OR by paying credits. It is not both.

The credit option exists so players can enjoy content that they know they would never unlock in regular play (e.g. 'I'd love a pureblood Smuggler, but no way I'll level a Sith Warrior just for that').

Some things (like legacy class abilities) cannot be purchased with credits while other things can only be purchased (not unlocked) but are gated by legacy level (e.g. the GTN for your ship requires you to have a high legacy level before you can purchase it).
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Re: Mas datos de la 1.2

Mensajepor elric1981 » 14 Mar 2012, 14:18

De todo lo leído, lo que más me llama la atención es lo de Black Market en la nave... el black market no son las terminales de trade inter-facción que hay en Outlow's Den y que no funcionan?
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Re: Mas datos de la 1.2

Mensajepor Meinkopt » 18 Mar 2012, 18:43

Esta claro, que el tema en los foros oficiales de 200+ sobre la mierda de set que tiene el juego, lo han usado para limpiarse el culo despues de cagar... por que solo hay que ver los set de la 1.2

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Re: Mas datos de la 1.2

Mensajepor Nejasul » 18 Mar 2012, 23:42

Pero que clase de emo al que violaba su padre en compañía de su tío de texas mientras su madre miraba, que es incapaz de masturbarse solo y colecciona cachorros sacados de la perrera en botes de formol, con infulas de entendido en arte ha hecho esos diseños? Ese tio ha cobrado? En dinero y no en hostias!?
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Re: Mas datos de la 1.2

Mensajepor Logan » 19 Mar 2012, 07:42

Madre mía... En el video no se apreciaba la fealdad completa de los nuevos sets. A ver si liberan todos los mods, e incluyen el expertise, y podemos hacernos lo que nos de la gana.

Aunque supongo que los creativos presionarán para que el nuevo y feo equipo tenga mejores stats y obligue a todo el mundo a llevarlo. Así de paso reducen la carga del servidor, al ir todos iguales :(
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Re: Mas datos de la 1.2

Mensajepor Meinkopt » 19 Mar 2012, 07:51

A este paso, si va a ir todo el servidor igual.. con los 2 o tres set naranjas que merecen la pena.. lo triste esque el diseñador cobra por hacer estas mierdas... y diseñadores del carajo en paro.. que triste.
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Re: Mas datos de la 1.2

Mensajepor ChopSuey » 19 Mar 2012, 15:05

Notas oficiales del 1.2 - Test server

pd. A mi me gusta mas los nuevos sets del inquisitor que los actuales :$
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Re: Mas datos de la 1.2

Mensajepor Kaidooh » 19 Mar 2012, 16:03

Madre mía, voy aparecer un power ranger... xD
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Re: Mas datos de la 1.2

Mensajepor Nek » 20 Mar 2012, 09:52

Lo que os decia, esto empieza a parecerse a los sets horripilantes que daban en las arenas del wow...el trooper parece un Stormtrooper de las pelis clasicas despues de haber pasado por un cubo de acido.
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Re: Mas datos de la 1.2

Mensajepor ChopSuey » 20 Mar 2012, 12:36

Aquí os dejo los cambios de la 1.2 que me han parecido mas remarcables.

License costs for Vehicle Piloting rank 1, 2, and 3 have been reduced.
Items that are restricted by Valor or Social Rank can no longer be purchased until the player meets the rank requirements.
Target of target can now be enabled for the player.
Players can now invite other players to their group via right-click menu from the guild roster.
The Aim Datacron on Belsavis is now obtainable.
The Imperial Transportation Authority and the Galactic Republic Safety Council have authorized the use of vehicles in Orbital Space Stations and Spaceports.
A new preference, "Awareness Radius," allows players to adjust the number of characters displayed on-screen. Reducing this setting can improve performance in crowded areas on low-end machines.
On planets with an Orbital Station, players can now travel directly from the planet shuttle on the surface to their ship.
The Sprint ability is now available at level 1.
Fixed an issue that would occasionally cause players to become stuck and unable to move after the expiration of a stun debuff.

PvP vendors now sell the Recruit set, a new entry-level PvP set (for level 50 players), for credits.
Battlemaster PvP vendors now sell Battlemaster gear pieces for Warzone Commendations.
PvP vendors no longer sell Champion Bags.
The Valor Rank requirement has been removed from Battlemaster earpieces and implants.
The Warzone Commendation cap has been increased to 2000 (up from 1000).
Players in Warzones may now flag another player on the team as potentially AFK by right-clicking their name in the Operation Group window and selecting "Vote to Kick from Warzone." Once enough team members have flagged a player in this way, the player is given a warning and a small window to begin playing or they are removed from the Warzone.
The amount of Valor and Commendations awarded at the end of a Warzone is now based on your team's score, with a bonus for the winning team. Experience rewards are still based on the amount of time spent in the Warzone.
Vendors are no longer available inside Warzones.
Credit rewards for Warzones have been rebalanced.
Level 50 Warzone daily and weekly missions now reward Warzone Commendations.
New medals are now awarded to the winning team based on how quickly they win (up to 6 medals for the fastest victories).
New medals are now awarded for offensive and defensive objective actions. There are now 6 offensive and 6 defensive medals awarded for performing Warzone-specific objective actions.
The Warzone reward medal cap has been increased to 8.
Rewards per medal earned have been rebalanced considering the new medals available.
Players who earn few to no medals now have overall rewards reduced (for instance, an AFK player would receive no rewards).
A new option to suppress the Crew Mission reward window in Warzones has been added.

Travel time for speeder bikes for the side objectives has been increased. The time it takes to interact with speeder bikes is once again instantaneous.

Giradda the Hutt now sees to it that any player standing on the ball stand when the ball respawns are slain.
The damage hazards deal is now a set percentage of total player health and is elemental damage.

The Voidstar:
The Voidstar can now be played by two teams of the same faction.
Players on the defending team are no longer placed on the speeder path if its duration would make them arrive late to the start of the match.
In the case of both teams reaching the same objective in their respective attacking rounds, the team who reached the objective in the shortest time now wins the match.
The game now ends as soon as the Round 2 attacker's progress exceeds the progress made by the other team in Round 1.

The Battle of Ilum daily and weekly mission have been removed from the game.

End Game
The cost of Tionese gear (in crystals and commendations) has been substantially reduced.
Random loot on some bosses in Normal Mode Flashpoints has been significantly improved.
Lockouts have been removed from Hard Mode Flashpoints.
Loot drops from endgame activities, such as Operations and Flashpoints, now take group composition into account.

Crew Skills
Artificers can now reverse engineer relics, shields, generators, and foci.
The chance of researching schematics via reverse engineering has been significantly increased.

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